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20 Mar 2016
PyeongChang Winter Olympics .
If you are thinking of spending winter in korea, why not go for the winter olympics? There's so many winter sports to participate, look up for the upcoming updates
21 July 2016
Beijing Travel Series.
Visited the beautiful Blues Manor Lavender Farm
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20 Mar 2016
Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur.
Short gateway to the biggest 5 theme parks all-in
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20 Mar 2016
Review of Waterproof disposable Camera.
Adventure Cove Singapore and waterpark
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20 Mar 2016

Saturday, September 9, 2017

5 best places to visit in Gangwon-do Province Guide

Celine Bleh

As Pyeongchang Olympics approaching soon, I am sure you are considering the places to travel to during the period of stay there. There are tons of places of attractions and activities that you must try exclusively for winter period. Here are some of the compiled places that I thought would be worth exploring!

Situated in the Gangwon province, Seoraksan National Park is considered one of the most popular mountain in the Taebak region. It is considered as one of the  It offers extraordinary view and you can see some of the most beautiful view of Korea. This is one UNESCO heritage site in the world. This is one of the place you definitely have to visit. Admission of the ticket is 3,500 won (~$3.50) and you can decide whether to take a cable car or taking a bus up the rocky mountains. During peak session, you have to wait a little longer, so buy your tickets first!

Hike for beginners - Sinheungsa Temple
Hike for intermediate-Gwongeumsong Fortess (the formal site of a castle)
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Nami island was formed as a result of the cheongpyeong Dam. The island is half-moon isle, and it is on the grave of General Nami, who led victory against rebel during the Joseon Dynasty. It is extremely popular with couples as the winter sonata used to flim at that area too! The place is extremely gorgeous during winter time.
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The entire forest will be blanketed with thick layer of snow. There's even a restaurant selling lunch boxes called shake shake?! where they will prepare lunch with ingredients and what you have to do is to shake vigorously for the rice to mix well. Will be posting a seperate post on Nami Island as I actually visited during my Korea Exchange. So look out for the space!
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Sokcho beach is a great tourist area along with Seorak Mountain, Cheoksan Hot Springs, Cheongchoho, and Yeongrangho. On the bulwark, to the left of the beach, there are many places where you can enjoy hwaleo hoe (fresh sashimi). There is also an option to enjoy sea fishing by taking a boat to Jo Island in the open-sea area by the beach.

Odae Mountain is located at the divergence of Baekdu Mountains and Charyeong Mountains across yeongchanggun, Hongcheon gun and Gangneung city. The name of Odae was given by Jajangyoolsa who was a sainted Buddhist monk during the Silla Dynasty. There are Dongdaesan on the east, Durobong on the west, Sangwangbong.

Operating hours: 0900-1700 (9am-5pm)
Price: 27,000 won
Gangchon Railbike Park is in Gapyeong, near Nami Island and Petite France. The old train tracks had been turned into a exciting ride in the beautiful countryside. Rail Bike is a great way to spend your time in the nature with friends or family and aAmong numerous railbike courses in Korea, this course starting from Gimyujeong Station is the most popular! It is largely downward which makes you feel like you are riding a roller-coaster at some point and involves the least amount of legwork. Great workout during the winter!

Things you can do at Gangwon-do during winter!
Ice Fishing- Hwacheon Ice Festival
This is the biggest attraction for every winter! I think this is one of the most exciting festival that lines up during Pyeongchang Olympic.There are at least half a dozen of ice festivals taking place in Gangwon Province and most will end towards the last weekend of February. The distance to travel is just a little from Seoul and it will be a great bonding activity! Tickets were sold litle as 13,000 won and they will give you a 5,000 won gift certificate that includes food and fishing equipment.
You will also get ice scooper to prevent the ice hole from getting froze over. Make sure you bring some kind of small chair to sit for as less as 5,000won. Find a good hole and start fishing right away!
credits: KoreaTourguide
The interesting thing is once you caught your fish, you get to prepare a number of ways of how you want to cook it be it boiled, fried or just raw sashimi. The festival also set up many tentages that sell  ddeokboki and local food in Gangwon!
Ice gallery, where you get to see the various fishes that are frozen for the time being.
Around the vicinity, there is a great number of activities line up too such as snow slide great for children and night festival where the entire place is lit up similar to what we call PasalaMalam.

Check out her youtube video!
You can use the Gangwon-do shuttle bus service for foreigners leaving from Gwanghwamun plaza daily during the festival duration (7:30AM boarding, 8:30PM return).  Address: Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 화천군 화천읍
Tel. +82-1688-3005
TaekBak Snow festival- Ice and Snow Sculptures 
The artifacts are made by hardening the snow with water over a month of preparation. Each year, a theme will be given for the winter carnival and the statues are often created in the set theme. Taebaek Snow Festival was chosen as the number one festival site Korean locals usually hope to go. Every year, it will snowed often, covering the top of Taebaek Mountain with a white blanket and creating perfect winter scenery for anyone. Visitors were also fascinated by the towering snow sculptures in surrounding Taebaek City. 
Address; 4778, Taebaeksan-ro, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
Thanks for reading and hope you will visit Gangwon-do province one day!
The two lovely cute mascots :'))))))

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ultimate Food Guide: Hanpan Authentic Korea Restaurant in Singapore

Celine Bleh
 Been weeks since I last came back from Korea and I have been craving for really authentic Korea cuisines around in Singapore :( Honestly, I love how Koreas are very generous with giving customer's large portion of the food and of course their free flow of side dishes! so when smitten invited me for food tasting, I knew I had to go to try it out! It was one of the best decision as it was all so delicious! From left to right, Crunchy Boneless Chicken in sweet and spicy sauce, Seafood Pancake and Kimchi Pancake. 맛있는!! (masissnen = yummy!)

1) Crunchy Boneless Chicken in Sweet and Spicy Sauce 
I love how they marinate the chicken in the sweet and spicy sauce, and they are in small munchy bitable size.While I was biting, I could feel the crunchiness of the flour and the sweetness of the sauce followed by a little spiciness. I would totally give this dish a 5-star rating as it is comparable to the ones I have even in Korea! This is definitely one of the best compared to Nene chicken, Chir chir where you won't get bored of eating this. Eat it while it's hot!

2)  Seafood Pancake 
The most important thing about korean's pancake is the flour!! You have to make it really tasty and crispy. I know how hard it is to mix the batter well else it will form gluten and the pancake won't taste nice at all. You need good skills and high temperature just nice to cook it. The pancake also contains spring onion with squid and prawn damn yummy.

3) Kimchi Pancake 
Mainly kimchi and pancake, not too bad for taste but I personally prefer seafood pancake more!! Maybe because I am too spolit for choices. HAHAHA
So both our sections cause divided into Ala-carte items and grilled area, and I realise I kept feasting on the side dishes LOL I can't resist how good the chicken, pancake are and totally neglected the grilled area. Do you know they even mix sojus for you as a request? Their service was really awesome!
They mainly mix grape soju with a little hive beer. Corect me if I'm wrong?!?
Whatever Soon Joon Ki advertise for, it will be good!! #fangirlhereplease And really, the beer tasted so refreshing! I am not a alcoholic person but I couldn't stop taking sips of it.
Look at the crisp of the kimchi pancake. No joke when I say the pancakes will melt in your mouth. I tried Mamastory at Plaza Singapura for their signature pancake and it was quite disappointing. Anyway believe me ok! I had high standards after returning from korea HAHA
The side dishes to go with grilled meat. Love the beansprouts! It goes really well when wrapped with lettuce, spring onion with some chili sauce, some meat with it.
Look at how glorious the chicken is!! No regrets for eating this.
The best part about Hanpan is that they provide free plastic covers to protect your bags well, and they actually hire chefs from korea to prepare their restaurant's dishes?! And guess what is the best part? Their chefs all very HANDSOME HAHAHA. If you're looking to see cute oppas and have a great time feasting authentic korea food and drinking soju then this place is really for you!
4) King Egg Roll 
I love the king egg roll! They actually make the egg in front of your eyes with the grilled machine! They first put a layer of a cooking sheet, mix the eggs with ingredients such as tomato, cheese, spring onion and cooked it just perfect. The cheese and the egg are such a great combination. It melted totally in your mouth once you bite on to it. Lastly, it is topped with chili sauce for extra flavour.

4) Seafood Stew 
I am a mega fan of seafood stew!! I can eat this for days because I love jjamppong. Jjamppong is basically a type of instant noodle ramen with seafood such as clams, mushrooms and squid to give a rich seafood broth. The noodle soup is slightly spicy and what I liked about Hanpan's seafood stew is.. thea lotve alot seafood and the soup tasted so good. I could taste the rich seafood taste and I really love it omg. The toufu tasted so good as well.
choices of  drinking which soju.
!!!!!! I seen this advertisement everywhere hahaha
They will let the omelette egg to cook under high temperature and flip it once it's ready. Look at the amount of cheese on top and the ingredients at the bottom. Sinful but tasted so good!
Grilled BBQ meat: pork belly, pork collar, pork jowl.
The manager assured us that the meat are of top quality specially flown from new zealand. The meat are specially thawed and marinated in cool water temperature for the tenderness and soak for awhile in the salt water. You could really taste the quality of the meat they provide when you take a bite. Also, they evem cook for you again!!!
Love how skillful they are in pouring the garlic oil and flipping the meat concurently so that it will not overburn.Afterwards, they actually cut the meat into small pieces for better chewing.
More picture of the kimchi pancake dipped with the seafood sauce.
I am not joking when I say the waiter is quite handsome HAHA, he helped us in cooking the butter squid and serving us in small portions :-) Ladies you know what to do.
2)  Butter Squid 
The squid is pretty fresh and it goes very well with the butter. Very munchy. I would suggest you guys to share the squid, as it can be be really huge and we did shared among 5-6 of us. The suggested serving would be 2 to 3 person. The squid is sprinkled with chili flakes to make it even more tasty. I like it though.
wooooooooooo!!! All the bloggers that attended :)
Thank you Smittem Tean and Hanpan Restaurant for having us.

For all my readers until September 30th, there will be special promo for you guys!! (YAY) Quote 'Celine10' for 10% off dinner. No restrictions. All you have to do is to show my instagram IG (@celinebleh) and there you go! Enjoy! Let me know in the comments below if you went and like the food! :)
Hanpan Korea Restaurant
Address22 Lor Telok, Singapore 049034
Opening Hours: Open from 11am to 1pm.
Their facebook
Their website:

Remember to quote 'Celine10" for 10% discount for dinner! (valid till 30 September 2017)
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dragon Hill Spa & Resort (드래곤힐스파)

Celine Bleh
Dragon Hill Spa & Resort Address
40-712 Hangangno 3(sam)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Our whole korea summer exchange friends wanted to come here together but backed out at the idea of having to see naked people walking in different gender spas hahaha but nevertheless, it was a really cool experience! Like basically Dragon Hill Spa is a 4-stories spa facilities building with different themes such as forest, ice room, hot sauna which is up to 170 degrees, seawater room, and cold water bath. The only thing I honestly dislike was seeing korean couples showing their public display affections literally inside empty rooms. I even witnessed them lying on the floor and.. you got it right.
How to go there?
Take Exit 1 from KTX station or known as Yongsan Subway Station. (Subway Line 1) Exit and cross the road you will see the building already! It is really easy to get your way there.
When you reach the place, there will be many people trying to assist you. Every person will be given a RFID tag and a towel, clothes to change. You will also be given a locker to put your belongings and change out your slippers. The RFID tag will record your purchase transactions such as luxurious spa package, eyebrow embroidery and even food and drinks are sold inside! There is even a mini arcade where you can play games inside such as basketball game, neo prints etc.

we are labelled as woman!
 I love the dressing room area. They provide sterilised combs, cotton buds, hair dryer and shampoo, conditioners, sanitizers for girls! Totally feel like you're are preparing for a fashion walkway because everyone is blow-drying their hair and applying makeups on their faces. Back in the dressing room, you see all kinds of boobs. Like beautiful ones, saggy ones and even the thin ones. It was really culture shock for me at least LOL
 We managed to learn how to tie this signature bun-like hair from a lady!
 Bought some charcoal egg and tried.
The directory which showed what to do at each floor.
Greeted with this sight when you arrive.

 The ice cold room is super chilling. Known for freezing your fats.
Tryna to be cool and chill.
Overall it is a pretty interesting experience! I like the hot shower and especially the hot sauna where you practically sweat all the toxic out. However, I won't recommend buying charcoal eggs because it's too rubbery and quite costly. Around 3,000 won for 3 eggs. Not nice at all. I highly recommend the wheat drink!! Super refreshing and it is in ice-blended form. Good place to chill, rest and take a break from the busy life. This building opens for 24 hours and not surprised if people take a nap there after their spa retreat and feeling refresh for work! If you're coming Seoul, for a holiday this is one of the top destination you should try if you're here.

Thanks for reading! xxx

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jeju Island, A guide to South Korea's Holiday Island

Celine Bleh
Jeju was the most amazing experience to me in Korea. Mainly because it was my first time there and I love how people in Jeju are so friendly! We booked Tway airline there and came back by Jeju Air. The trip would cost approximately $100 (both ways) and it will take around an hour to fly there. During the flight, there were a few small turbulence and typhoon alert when we were flying from Jeju - Seoul. The part about flying domestic airline is that you get PLANE DELAYS all the time. No surprise that we rushed from the Seoul Airport to board our last train back to Hyehwa station for our lesson. Nevertheless, if Citrus Tea/Black Pork and the sand, beach, scenery for you then you should come to Jeju! 

 Jeju Island?!
Jeju is a volcanic island, dominated by Hallasan a volcano that is 1,950metres and highest mountain in South Korea. The island was created by volcanic eruptions approximately 2 million years ago. But research has conducted and mention that Mount Hallasan might still be active! There are many sightseeing places you can go, but without a car, it would be extremely difficult to travel around.
Jeju orange known as Gamgyul is a type of orange similar to Mandarin orange or tangerines commonly harvested by the farmers. The oranges here have like hump-like shapes and they grow in rich volcanic ash soil and in a temperate climate.
It was a pity I couldn't go down for snorkeling as we weren't prepared much for the swim.
The beautiful scenery!

Sunrise peak.
Found this mascots while touring the waterfall area.
Acting like praying haha
As Jeju is home to freshest seafood, it is a definitely a must to try the seafood soup! It is known as the Samseongh yeol seafood soup that consists mussels, bean sprouts and different kind of clams. We also ordered the abalone porridge which tasted so rich in flavour with their local side dishes to eat with. I love those potatoes boiled soaked side dishes with sweet soy sauce. Jeju is very known for their abalones. In korean it is known as Jeokbokjuk 鲍鱼粥. However, the bowl was rather pricely around 12,000 krw but comes with very large servings. Every scoop of abalone porridge have a scoop of abalone in it!
The really fresh abalone we had. Ordering in Korea can sometimes be a hassle as the menu are mainly in korean. This place is near the Cheonjiyeon waterfall and it is hard to miss! It is mainly beside a small harbour with a bridge and a line of restaurants at the area. You can key in 7331966 into your korea GPS to navigate to the area.
Freshest abalone I have ever ate! But it can be a little tough to chew but you can always use hands!

Sunrise peak.
Our really friendly driver! We were told that the period that we went coincides with the China-Korea tension over some issues and hence there is a lack of Chinese tourists coming to visit. Usually, if you book 1 or 2 days in advance, you won't be able to get any drivers to drive you around Jeju. We are really lucky to get a nice driver! We paid around $15 per person x 4, so you can roughly calculate how much it is. I think was pretty worth it because we negotiated the price down.

A tip is: Translate everything you want to say in korean using google translator. You'll thank me later! :)

Still sunrise peak.. :)

Sunrise Peak known as Seongsan llchulbong Peak
Located on the eastern side of the island, there is a huge crater on top of the Seongnan llchulbong peak. It is actually a archetypal tuff that was formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions upon a shallow seabed 5 thousand years ago.
Highly recommend this hostel! Jeju R Seogwipo. They have really good facilities and their hotel management are well spoken with english. I love how comfortable their beds are too.
Around the vacinity, they sell different kind of food and also, jeju snacks, soveniers to bring back.
The fresh Jeju tangerines

One of the sweetest orange I have ever tasted in my life.
Everywhere is selling this HAHA
Some kind of seafood..? Initially it resembles like some sort of plum seeds so we didn't dare to try it.

Oedolgae Rock pool
One of my highlights in Jeju!!! It is surrounded by beautiful island and the wave crashing on the shore. Absolutely love here because of the gorgeous scenery.

Beneath the rock there is alot prehistorical bugs inside. Seaweed bugs that are considered one of the crustacean ispods. Do wear adequate shoes for walking as it can be quite hard to climb across those big rocks. There are some rental for swimming suits and snorkle glasses for locals and tourists.

I can stay here forever..
Our very comforting meal with ajumma that kindly cooked for us. We brought kyto grapes for $4.50 per pack and it tasted like champaigne grapes best decision ever.

wave crashing on the rocks.
The gorgeous sunset at Jeju international airport.
More of the airport.

There's lava pool in between where people can swim.
We struggled in talking in Korean. HAHAHA so had to point the menu individually.
I love the sidedishes!!!!
I love the pork broth soup. Our first meal at Jeju!
Our driver Mr Kim driving us around in his new car :)
More of sunrise peak.

This cute korean boy!!!!!!!!!! mega love.

Jeju beach! we wanted to go to the black sand beach but it was too far... so we settled for this beach with the windmil at the background. It was a super windy and hot day i swear..

Abundant of seaweed on my feet. Love the feeling.
Black Pork
Jeju is very famous for their black pork.The Jeju Black Pig is a breed of domestic pig found on the Korean island of Jeju-do. This is Korea's largest island and lies to the south of the country in the Korea Strait. It is a smallish pig with a black skin and smooth coat of hair. I wanted try it initially but backoff that idea when I realise that the pigs here eat human faeces...... HAHA LIKE WHAT?!?
no wonder it tasted so good :p

Thanks for reading!

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