Taejongdae Park- Travelling with me at Busan, South Korea

They say that Taejongdae represents Busan, as there are abundant rocky formations and beautiful blue sea. Featuring the highest peak at 250 metres, there are forest pine trees and other variation of trees. There's a story where King Taejong (601-661) traveled to many places but this was the places he enjoyed shooting arrows the most. Under the lighthouse there is this rock called Sinseon Rock which there's a rock figure called Mangbuseok named after a story of a woman who waited for her husband who had been taken to Japan. It was also said that many young koreans committed suicide on the cliff, as the country is seen to be rather stressful. It was a really slow and easy hike up, by taking the train to different tourists attraction points and end with the entrance. 

The weather is quite hot, and surprisingly I wore only 2 layers with a scarf and a inner wool wear. But damn my hands are really freezing from the wind coldness.
I guess that's one of the suicide cliff! The view is gorgeous and I highly recommend you to just sit there and chill, watching the sea waves crash.
While going down, there's a few seafood stores with ajumma selling big clams, some sea cucumber etc. If you are game for a adventure then you should try it!
Sitting at the ledge and watching the view.
They have cornered off all the areas to prevent people from crossing. It can be quite dangerous as some rocks can be quite slippery.
Unbeaten paths. Wanted head down for photos but it's closed. :(
All the glorious seafood!
There's a cafe that overlooks the sea while you order cakes and meal. I love the fishcake! The soup keeps me warm and the fishcake is so chewy. Love it.
The beautiful scenery overlooks the city far behind!
So we ordered spicy pork with all the sides. It was quite a great meal.
Back to Busan
Back to those christmas nights walking back to hotel.
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Travelling in Busan | Seobulsa Temple | fishing ponds | Racoon Cafe

It's been 3 months I have came back from Korea, and I still miss the beautiful temples, the ocean scenery and my favourite kimchi and rice! Surprisingly, the rice always taste so sweet and good, really different from the rice we ate everyday. But to be honest, I was too overly ambitious and adventurous, and almost landed myself into some deep shit LOL. Seobulsa Temple is in a very secluded place and you have to either hike up from a farm village or take a cable car and cross the mountain.
Many times I was so lost and there's literally nobody in the forest. Thankfully I saw a local police and he gave me a small bell to carry on my bag while I travel. We had a little communication barrier but he was kind to try to understand what I was saying. He shared that his children are both doctors and even walked with me for an hour. I was beyond thankful.
 The beautiful flowers! I'm always tempted to buy it hahaha, 12,000 won each if I remember correctly.
 Cafe where they sell bread and cakes.
Hehehehe my big portion of chili tomato pasta! It was so good with pieces of crab meat in between.
 The park!
 while going up the hill. 
 such beautiful sight :)
 There's literally nobody in the forest looool
 selfie in the forest! I was midway and it was honestly scary. There are so many rocks and i was contemplating whether to go up the rocks again.
 when you walk up the path properly, you will see the temple from afar and you will know that you are on the right track.
There is some buddha sculptures on the rocks.

 the temple look so pretty when you stood up on the flight of stairs.
 walking down.
 and when i come down from the temple, I was welcomed with this spread, and sight of glorious food. I love the corn and the fishcake so much.
 shit my lips are cracking lol
 The fishing ponds - which is very different from Singapore. So basically you don't get to keep the fishes but rather, you put the fish into the container with the weighing machine. While you are there, you get to accumulate points from the total weight of fishes that you hooked. But it's so sad when the fishes are injured for hook and they have no choice to eat the worms that you hook because they are just so hungry :'(
The egg bread!!!
This picture have nothing to do with busan lol. Found this picture from Pyeongchang and damn I miss ski-ing so much, although i probably fall down so many times lol.
My korea oppa friend!! 
Yumm green matcha tea to racoon cafe

 The raccoon damn violent i swear. The tiny snacks you have to purchase from the counter for 10,000 won and you get to feed the raccoons. But they'll probably shake the food off from your palms before it even get to their mouths.
 Hehe so the racoon owners they had the racoons since they were young.
 Told you. The damn crazy rocks and boulders that nobody goes except for you.
 The temples.
 More temples. 
 Fluffy eggs that are forever free in Korea.
 This is really good too!!!! :")
Ending the night always walking and strolling the streets of cafe in Busan. 
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Hello Busan (Solo Travelling) | Songdo Beach | Oryudo Island |

I love solo travelling!
If you have been wondering how to travel to the places in Busan specifically, I have stated how to get there (click here to view) and there is some guide for you if you are coming from Busan Station from Incheon cause I understand many people will probably take KTX train. I highly recommend anyone to stay in Chaoyang Station which is a walking distance from Busan Station (5 minutes by following GPS) as it is convenient in terms travelling to the must-go attractions. The weather in Korea is damn unpredictable during end December which can vary around -10 degrees to 7 degree. The night starts young like around 4pm you'll see the sun setting down and you have to rush back :(

As it was mainly a leisure trip, I took my own sweet time to wake up at 1pm and slowly make my way to the places. Thankfully, the distance wasn't really far and I was able to cover the places that I intended to do! Anyway I think I kinda over brought my winter weather, like i managed to only wear 3 sets that I brought instead of the 5 sets that i brought.
First set that I brought - Red cap with red jacket and the scarf that I brought from Taobao.
Songdo beach - where you get to see the rocks and the beautiful scenery. It was honestly a beautiful sight looking at the seagulls flying across and sitting there watching the sunset.
Songdo beach
The pathway where you cross over to see the mermaid statue.

On the cable car where I got free lollipop and the entire sky view.
When the sun is setting.
That's a story behind the dish that I ordered. So I was struggling how to order the soup and the dish and a uncle came to my rescue. End up he used to stay at Chinatown singapore with his family and we chatted for awhile while he was entertaining his friends lol. It was so heartwarming to have someone helping you in a foreign land.
while walking the busy streets and everyone's hands are in the pocket cause it was so cold.
 My second dish: Udon fishcake soup with beef. I love how koreans always give you kimchi to go with your noodles. 
It was nearing christmas and I managed to witness a big christmas tree in the middle of the shopping malls. It was so beautiful and the sky was so clear.

Oryudo land from afar!
Pink attire on that day.

Bought this coat for less than $10 and it was one of the best decision ever. I like how it fits my makeup perfectly.
The rocky rocks formation.
Oryukdo Island is off the southern coast of Busan, and depending on the day and the tide, may appear to be five islands or six islands, hence its name ('o' meaning five and 'yuk' meaning six in Korean). Designated a monument of Busan, Oryukdo Island is a rock island that can be said to be made purely of stones. All of the five islands, except the one with the lighthouse, are uninhabited. 
The waves were crashing and everyone just rushed there to see, including myself.

Happy when someone willing to a take a photo for me!
went up the bridge and found a gorgeous view and started taking selfee!
Such  a beautiful place :')
For oyudo Island, there's a skywalk for free for those that are interested. However, you have to change to the cotton covers to protect the shoes. The last time I heard, someone wore spiky shoes and there's some scratches on the glasses.

There's nobody here during winter lol
I could watch this view everyday.

And the cute kitty that I was following the entire day!
Will be sharing more soon!