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Batam Trip for 2D1N.
Get to experience neverbefore batam places
and enjoy the amazing local Experience.
20 Mar 2016
Dalian Liaoning .
Travelled Dalian using public transport and get to interact with the locals
and enjoyed the fresh seafood and scenery that the country offers for us The country is 1 hours flight away from QingDao, China.
19 Dec 2016
Beijing Travel Series.
Visited the beautiful Blues Manor Lavender Farm
for your very own budget wedding and collaborations
20 Mar 2016
Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur.
Short gateway to the biggest 5 theme parks all-in
with different attractions and places to visit when you are there.
20 Mar 2016
Review of Waterproof disposable Camera.
Adventure Cove Singapore and waterpark
(not sponsored)
20 Mar 2016

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lok Pot by Lucky 5

Celine Lim Xin Yi
Affordable and tasty skewers and hot pot combination!
I used to cross over the immigration border quite frequently from Woodlands checkpoint to Johor Bahru to patronize those vans selling skewers known as lok lok. By the way, Lok lok is a dish consisting of various deep fried food such as meat and vegetables that are served on a skewers. Those people would lay out nicely all the raw food for selection and everyone will be busy choosing what to eat. There was a time where I had an unbearable stomach ache due to slight food poisoning from eating the overly dirty and exposed skewers from malaysia. Thankfully, Lok Pot by Lucky 5 has a pretty clean ambiance and hygiene where the skewers were placed in the fridge to keep its freshness and hygiene purposes and not forgetting the huge variety of seafood, mushrooms, and vegetables! Even better than what I have expected.
You could either choose to have your food deep fried, boiled in the hotpot soup or to be barbecued by the chefs in the kitchen. Lok Pot gives you the options to choose them. One of the highly recommended skewers would be either green broccoli, oyster mushrooms, or potatoes.  My highly rave selection would be to choose deep fried so that they will add spices and flavoring to the skewers after deep-frying it! You could select 2 different kid of soup combination adnd they will prepare it for you.
There are also different sauces, continents at the station for you to mix with. I personally love this because I am a big fan of mixing everything together. For instance, I would mix oyster/fish sauce, with a little garlic and spring onion! :-) They also have their very own homemade sambal belachan chili which tasted so so good dipping with the fried skewers.
When asked how they prepare the uncooked skewers, they told us that they painstakingly poke the meat into the sticks one by one slowly. So much effort!! I believe some of you might hear about some horror stories where some owners collect the sticks wash and reuse them for the next batch of customers. Urghh. Rest assured that in Lokpot, all the sticks are brand new and newly prepared. Also, the small octopus skewer will look crunchy after barbecue nicely.
The skewers are ready to serve! Grilled mushroom, and chicken slices skewers. They added some spices which tasted really awesome. They even have big Sri-lanka crabs available!!
You can request to view and choose any crab you want before it is served!
The uncle was really friendly in helping us to get the biggest crab for our tasting!
It is a must to have a selfie with the big crab!
And... you know what is the best part is?
You get to drizzle or dip those crabs with chili crab sauce!! They even provide fried mantou on the counter (free self-service even though you never order crab!) for you to dip the sauce and eat it. I am impressed with the egg taste combination and the sauce together with the crab. I just had to... scoop more sauce into my tiny bowl haha!
Then it was the...time for the mouth orgasm oysters. Okay what a word but, the oyster really tasted so good and juicy!!And the best part it comes with garlic shallots and chili or you could opt to eat it just raw. The oysters per piece are not expensive at all. I love how I could taste the freshness in my mouth. It was just pure damn good.
We also had the opportunity to go to the back kitchen and, I really like how they cook their seafood white beehoon. The taste of wok-hei stir fry and the sauce smelled so good. The white bee hoon was bathed in delicious broth.
 I love it !!! It comes with different seafood such as crayfish, some clams, fresh prawns and fish and goes great with the white cabbage. Crunchy, sweet and delicious. You must be terribly hungry huh!
Check out the cool fried broccoli and the deep fried straw mushrooms yo 
And after the food tasting, we managed to talk to one of them that owes LokPot eatery. We were so overwhelmed by their kindness and they kept asking if the food was okay and did we like it. :) No doubt their service standards are of A++! Bonus points to him being very young and ambitious of wanting to do well in this business with his dad. I do highly recommend this place!! Also, the eatery closes at around 2am so you can drive there grab some skewers and slowly chill, eat with your family or friends.
Lastly, special thanks to Smitten team for inviting us! 
Lok Pot by Lucky 5
How to get there:
Address: 416, Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-53 (can take bus from bedok interchange or a 5mins walk away from bedok library)
Singapore 460416
Opening hours: 4pm onwards
Telephone number: 6445 8887
Facebook page:
Final verdict: 
verdict: 4.3/5!
Food: 4.2/5
Ambiance 4/5
Service 5/5!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Why you should go to PyeongChang for Winter Olympics!

Celine Lim Xin Yi
MARK YOUR CALENDARS GUYS. For those who love soju and ski-ing, this is for you! 
Do you know that Macdonalds in Korea is officially their partner? Saw the banners everywhere while I was in Seoul and I heard that they will be starting to sell merchandise of Soohorang which you can purchase with a upsize meal. Very cute!!
When and how to go there?
The Pyeongchang olympics is set to begin on February 9, 2018. Athletics from more than 80 countries will compete across 15 disciplines in 102 events. Some of the games include freestyle ski-ing, ice hockey, ski-jumping which will be very exciting! Also, Winter Olympic organisations have announced the completion of $3.7 billion bullet train connecting Seoul to Pyeongchang in just 69 minutes! This means you can book Singapore - Incheon International Airport (Seoul) to wipe all the cosmetics in Myeongdong HAHA, and then bullet train to Gawon.
Pyeongchang is home to several ski resorts which includes Yongpyong, Bokwang Phonix Park and Alpensia- all which will serve as Olympic venues places. The bullet train will travel up to 300km/hr and can hold up to 400 passengers per trip. The fast transportation system made it really easy and quick for anyone to travel between cities with comfort. I would definitely strongly recommend you to reserve seats online quickly as train seats typically sell out fast!
But before this, you must be wondering, why travel all the way for pyeongchang winter olympics right?!?!
Firstly, would be to see all the talented pretty girls around ski-ing elegantly. They are legit super chio and I always love those choreograph ski dance pieces especially where they swirl and turn in the mid-air, so beautiful! It takes many years of effort to train this because winter Olympics happen once every 4 years. And even if you're not watching any of the games, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH THE OPENING CEREMONY!!!
Picture are taken from Sochi 2014 winter olympic games.
It will be once in a lifetime experience watching the magnificent fireworks and the performance that will be put up. I just checked the tickets for opening and closing ceremony, they are selling out really really fast! They are left with a few tickets, so if you're interested you can grab your tickets here! Also I believe that the Olympics will incorporate visual effects from Samsung which uses highly advance technologies to bring the best entertainment to audiences.
Pyeongchang country? What can I travel and do there?
Pyeongchang is a country in Gangwon province of South Korea located in the Taebaek Mountain region. The country has a slogan, name as "Happy700 PyeongChang" where the average elevation of approximately 700m is known to make people live in best condition. The three mottos related to the slogan are best place for health, rest and leisure sports. It brings health and longevity.

Pyeongchang attraction: Yong Pyong Resort (용평리조트)
It is nested at the foot of Balwangsan Mountain and has an annual average snowfalll of 250cm, perfect for great ski resort. The ski resort is close to many attractions and Goblin, the movie actually filmed there!! It will be so romantic to have your love one with you exploring this beautiful place and ski-ing.
Address: 715 Olympic-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Pyeongchang attraction: Woljeongsa Temple (월정사 (오대산)
The temple is located in a forested valley east of Odasan Mountain, and have over 60 temples and 8 monasteries. The temple was first established by Monk Ja Jang (590-658) and it is also a site of Seongbo Musuemdisplying artifacts and treasures from Buddhist culture of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) and include a nine-story octagonal pagoda) Goblin also flimed there as well!
Address: 374-8, Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

The local food in PyeongChang
Like in Seoul, they ate many different side dishes such as kimchi, preserved vegetables, fishcake and also seafood pancake. The colourful variety of side dishes make my stomach growl so bad! However, they are famous for the buckwheat jelly.
Buckwheat jelly is a light gray-brown muk (jelly) made from buckwheat starch.
And renowned for their korean beef!! I love the tasty texture and the flavourful marinated meat.
And of course, trying hanbok in the winter. (Very cold, but really beautiful!)
Hanbok rental are typically 1hr-2hrs, and it is inclusive of the hair accessories and a small bag. It would be really memorable to take picture in such coldness.

Here's a picture of me in hanbok:

We are just 200 days away!
You could join all the free activities at Korea Plaza to know about the upcoming Pyeongchang winter olympics. It will definitely be a fun and fulfilling day. If you're travelling there, the nearest MRT would be raffles place MRT, a short distance walk away. I will be there on the day itself to visit! Hope to see you guys! Let me know if you're going as well :)

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Short gateway from Singapore to Bintan

Celine Lim Xin Yi
Over the weekends, we made a super impromptu decision to go to Bintan for a short holiday. The plan was to just simply find a place to chill, have fun and enjoy the beach, sand and resort. The entire trip wasn't expensive, we booked our ferries last minute and went to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Thank god for grab promotion as well that we managed to get a driver to drive us cheaply into the terminal. The night was really scary as we reached there at 9.15pm. By the time, all the shops were closed and there were many people trying to persuade us to go with them, with their private vans or car. I knew they going to extort us simply because we are foreigners, so I hurried all of us to walk quickly and try our luck in getting cabs outside.
Thank god for kind people in Bintan! You can read the incident here in my dayre here! Travelling to Bintan is relatively easy, just Tanah Merah ferry terminal - Bandar Bentan Telani (1hr 10 minutes ride approximately. Basically Batam is a small island with many beaches and resorts, but after been twice before, I still feel that living near Trikora beach is still the best. Reason being? There are more adventurous things that require no expensive charges like walking to different kellong, offshore platform build predominately by wood, relaxing your legs by dipping into the sea and kayaking to the island with risk of course! We wanted to do that until the lady told us that the wave currents can be rather unpredictable and huge. It might just sink your kayak so there's a low chance we are unable to come back. But what's adventure without risk right?
The beautiful huts and chairs at the coastal area.
They served us breakfast although the room was pretty cheap! I spend less than $50 per person for total of 2 nights inclusive of breakfasts. They were very nice to us and accommodating to our requests. I love omelette with cheese and legs.
here's a selfie I took!
The rather beautiful kellong area that we found, behind a restaurant. Apparently, they build such huts as a kellong resort for foreigners.
The sun was crazily scotching hot and I was one shade darker despite putting many sunblocks on my skin. However, nothing ever beats roaming around doing nothing. As we thought we should explore further the places, we wanted to rent a car! I have previously googled the places and realise that they are very much apart from one another. Hence, we rented for 9 hours and drove to different places that we wanted to cover.
First stop: Pizza Casa Italia, Bintan Regency, Riaus Island, Bintan
Really authentic italian pizza served in Bintan!
The really cheap seafood dinner we had. Baby Kailan with clams.
Then we went to the spavilla sauna pool to swim!!! It was really nice to chill there and given hot blankets by the staffs after we're done with spa. Totally free!
Love this salted egg sotong!
Trying my best for an angle.
All in all, it was a really great trip and I enjoyed so much with my friends!
Thank you for reading!

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